Antenna Grid Parabolic 24dBi 2,4Ghz
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Antenna Grid Parabolic 24dBi 2,4Ghz

Antenna Grid Parabolic 24dBi 2,4Ghz
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 24dBi directional operation, ideal for extraordinary long-distance outdoor directional connection
Weather proof design, suitable for all weather conditions
N Female connector, applicable in most outdoor solutions
Provides easy installation mounting kits

What This Product Does
Grid parabolic antenna TL-ANT2424B is designed for the spread spectrum system, operates in the 2.4-2.5 GHz band and provides 24dBi directional operation. The surface design with welded-steel reflector to bring out the best performance. This antenna features high gain, long coverage, light weight, compact structure and excellent wind-resistance. It is used for outdoor and the range is up to 56 km.
Easy To Use
Installation of the TL-ANT2424B is simple and straight forward. It is compatible with most wireless devices (Access Points, Routers, Bridges and Network Adapters) on the market with removable external antennas.

    Compliant with 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz)
    24dBi signal gain
    N Female connector

Kích Cỡ    1000mm x 600mm
Trọng Lượng    3.5kg
Tần Số    2.4GHz
Gain    24dBi
VSWR(MAX.)    1.5:1
HPBW/H( °)    10
HPBW/V( °)    14
Sự phân cực    Linear; Vertical
Loại    Directional
Connector Type    N Female(Jack)
Extended Cable/Length    30cm
Mounting    Pole Mount
Application    Outdoor
Approximate Range at 1/11/54Mbps    56km/31.5km/4.44km
Operating Temp.    -40℃~60℃(-40℉~140℉)
Storage Temp.    -40℃~60℃(-40℉~140℉)
Optional Accessory    TL-ANT24EC6N TL-ANT24EC12N
Package Contents    24dBi Grid Parabolic Antenna
Installation mounting kits
User Guide


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